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     Our goal is to trace the forgotten events mainly related to the First World War in our area of ​​Artois (Arras, Valley of the Sensee river - Cojeul river Valley), and more precisely to the famous Hindenburg Line (Siegfriedstellung), the battle around it (from Arras Cambrai road at the north to Bullecout at the south), the fighters, their families, our affected villages, their inhabitants..., but also to collect the testimonies of the past that can be military objects or not, writings or still photographic documents, places, constructions ... striving to preserve them and ensure their sharing and transmission so that all current and future generations can learn and transmit in turn what happened during these terrible years of suffering.

     And most of all, we want to preserve the memory of these men and women, civil and military, from all nations, who were able to take part in the events in the region, especially the soldiers who for some of them all left, crossing sometimes the planet, to shed their blood in our fields.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" - George Santayana

"To us the memory, to them immortality" - motto of the Souvenir Français

"People be united, men be human" - Monseigneur Julien



We will remember them.


Note: you will observe that a good part is done to the British troops in our writings, it is not a particular will on our side, it is simply that the information is better available, more numerous, and more complete to this day on the side of the Commonwealth rather than German side, thank you for your understanding.






All testimonies of all kinds such as objects, writings, photos, maps, historical sites, constructions that have reached us despite the years, they are our heritage, they make our culture, our villages and our country, they deserve to be preserved. Contact us if you have anything to transmit...

STOP! Too many things have been thrown or destroyed!

By any means depending on the nature of the testimony, striving as much as possible to respect its integrity, its history, its soul ...


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To bring out of oblivion the local history of the villages crossed by the Hindenburg Line during the Great War
The preservation and transmission of testimonies of the First World War

Engagement and Major actions of museum

Our action is devoid of interest or profit, it is simply animated by the search for history and the transmission of memory, so as not to forget the sacrifice of our elders. The sharing can take various forms such as : permanent museum or temporary exhibitions, publications, organization or participation in ceremonies ... as much as possible, within our means, accessible to the maximum public. This without the indispensable help of the volunteers, the contributions of the visitors, the sponsors, the public or private financial aid ...

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