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August 11, 2019 at Chérisy (62) from 1:00 pm : Chérisy (62) and Surroundings Remember! What about you?

Once again, this small village in the Hauts de France is organizing a series of commemorations next August in honour of the Anglo-Canadian troops who liberated the area at the end of August-early September 1918. These actions, which were extremely costly, would be the starting point for the inexorable German retreat into the region.


A rare and very special commemoration....


101 years later, the municipality will welcome a detachment of Canadian troops as part of the heirs of its fighters, it will be composed of 25 men and women of the Fusiliers du Saint Laurent who will be honoured by the Droit de Cité (honour offered by a municipality to foreign troops by allowing them to march under their colours, music and weapons in the city).


Let us show them our gratitude, come in large numbers!

ReNDEZ-Vous :


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