For the management of the museum and to promote the regional and local patrimony we created the HINDENBURG ASSOCIATION SENSEE-COJEUL, (non-profit association). It brings together a group of people of all ages, passioned or not, with WWI knolege or not, but all with will and bring their contribution so that the flame of the memory does not blow out.

ligne hindenburg sensee-cojeul ASSOCIATION

WILL is one thing,

MEANS ARE others...

Of course, without funds nothing is possible. You can give us your financial support to help us continue our efforts in the fight against forgetting by an online donation.

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Or if you wish to become one of our patrons or sponsors it is also possible!

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And in advance, THANK YOU!



You have a testimony to transmit, an object, a writing, a photos, a postcard, or you do not know anything about it and you empty your attic or your house, before throwing everything away, it's simple, and you'll make a good action for free ...

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