A futurE MILItary MUSEUM about the hindenburg line IN NORD-PAS-DE-CALAIS Region

A WWI military museum in perpetual evolution to discover the Great War in the Arras sector in a different way, the only one of the region fully dedicated to famous Hindenburg Line 

     In order to allow as many people as possible to "touch" history, the creation of a military museum in Pas-de-Calais seemed to us to be the best option. The site will contain a good number of relics and documents from the First World War related to the Hindenburg Line, and more generally, to the Great War, but also to the local history of the Arras area (pre / post-WWI).

     It will be located in a village that was at the time part of the Hindenburg Line system, in the Arras -Bapaume - Cambrai triangle (Nord Pas de Calais region - Hauts de France), a territory at the heart of the actions carried out at the beginning of October 1914, between mid-March 1917 to early September 1918 and under German occupation between these two periods. 

     The collections of the future Hindenburg Line military Museum, already made up of thousands of pieces and in perpetual evolution, come from exclusively private sources gleaned in Hauts de France for more than 30 years (pieces of the field, chips, donations ...).

     The building exists, the collections also, a renovation is however essential before any installation, only lack, the "nerve of the war" (it is the case to say it), money !!

     You can help us, crowdfunding is open: give!

     A warm thank you in advance !!

     The story does not interest you, okay! Scrap metal leaves you with marble ... it doesn't matter! On the other hand, we are sure that you want social ties, culture, animations, activity in local businesses...

     So, give! ;)


But patience! The physical Museum is not yet open, you can follow the evolution on our events and our Facebook page : MuseeLigneHindenburg. Do not hesitate to encourage us!

By the way, our email is active, contact us!

The great war under different angle

The fights, the battles, the military equipment, the soldiers of the Great War, yes but not only....

     Most of the military museum will be devoted to a quasi-permanent and alive exhibition (because always in constant evolution) dedicated to the local events held during the Great War, from the life under the German occupation until the liberation of the ruins of the local villages. Find here some details

     A second part of the museum will be devoted to temporary exhibitions : specific themes, focus on particular actions, other periods, invited exhibitions, other local heritage ..., and we will try to propose something other than alignments by dozens of helmets with spikes or bayonets (even if it is necessary ;) ) by interesting us also, you will see, with rarer subjects in this kind of places such as the sport, the animals, the industry, the poetry, the literature, the art. .., more details here


Virtual exhibition of objects, documents, stories, photos,... relating to the Great War of 14-18 

In this new section, in the form of a virtual exhibition, we offer you the opportunity to share the collections of the future 14-18 museum in the making through acquisitions, donations and restorations, but not only. We will also share photos, and testimonials in various forms of course, all related to the First World War. - UNDER CONSTRUCTION suscribe to our facebook page to follow exhibit news-

VISIT the virtual exhibition "WAR WITNESS".


Hindenburg Line Museum (WWI military Museum)

The physical site is not open yet... sorry... if you want to help us to be faster, that here.


Patience, Patience...


In the meantime, you can always follow our progress on our Facebook page, to share without moderation!